Our Company
Our Company's management staff is highly qualified and highly experienced in the construction of municipal contracts, whether they are water treatment and pumping facilities, sewage treatment and pumping facilities, or bridge construction. We have a long record of satisfied clients and consultants, and a reputation for completing projects on time and on budget – something that is of extreme importance to this firm. We promote a strong communication connection between our superintendents and plant operators to ensure that the requirements of the owner are always met.

Our firm has a very strong knowledge of the general operation of wastewater treatment, well supply and water treatment facilities. Starting at the time of tender and continuing through to the final site commissioning of the work, we work very hard at understanding how the existing facility operates, how the new work is to be incorporated into the existing system, what the demands are on the facility, and what the owner and consultants expectations are for a successful commissioning of the work. Understanding this information is one of the keys to the many successful projects that we have completed.

We have over 30 years experience in our Project Management and Estimating teams bringing a wealth of knowledge and support to each project. We are very proud of our reputation for treating all parties involved in a project with respect and fairness.

Our Project Managers and Superintendents have extensive experience in municipal bridge rehabilitations, new bridge construction and extensive diversified experience in concrete placement, managing suppliers and subcontractors.

Project Health & Safety is of utmost importance for all our staff. We stress on-site safety and insist that all parties involved in the project work along with us in our goal of having an accident-free project.